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Weird Windows

February 7, 2023
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Today my XP-Professional CD arrived for my collection. I immediately took out my old Dell Latitude notebook, put the CD in the drive and started the setup. At first glance I noticed that the CD is a little different from the retail version. At the top left was a note that this is a school version. Interestingly, the setup wizard asked me for an installation medium of an older Windows version. Is this an upgrade CD?

Right after that I aborted the setup and took a closer look at the CD. The CD has the label “VX2PCCP_DE“. After a Google search I found out that it is a Windows XP Professional (SP2b) Upgrade CD.

Interestingly, I found a PID number in the setupp.ini that I can’t find anywhere on the Internet. Even the channel ID is not known to me.

Content of setupp.ini and ProductId (Registry)

Since the PID ends with 000, it should be possible to activate it with a retail key. So I put the CD back into my Dell notebook, started the setup and entered my key. But Windows did not accept the key.

“The Product ID (PID) is invalid for this version of Windows XP. Specify the PID that came with the Windows XP Update CD.”

From this point I found out that there are special upgrade keys in addition to retail, VLK and OEM keys. I couldn’t find a suitable upgrade key on the internet either, until I found one in the comments section of a GitHub Gist post.

    Windows XP Professional (SP2b) UpgradeTFGK8-RQT7R-F6KW8-Q2X4M-YF2CX

    Windows XP accepted the upgrade key and the installation worked without problems.

    Windows XP Desktop with winver opened

    For those who are interested in the CD, I have dumped the CD and uploaded it to the Internet Archive.

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